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Allex Cheng

Allex Cheng is an experience 2d artist with Gumi Asia, developing character & environment concept design, creation of 3d assets and VFX for various mobile games which includes Big Hero 6: Bot Fight (Disney), Puzzle Tropper, Wakfu Raider, etc. Previously, he was a 3d modeler and lighting and also rendering artist at Sunwoo Asia Pacific. Allex also involved in Modeling characters and environments with Maya and ZBrush for Disney Channel TV Program 'Special Agent OSO', 'Princess Sofia' and 'Gon' (TV).

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Denny Iskandar

Denny received his Masters of Science from National University of Singapore in 2007. He started his career as a research officer at Institute for Infocomm Research, a research institute under the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). He then tried his hands on software development at G Element, a start-up company in Singapore, as a member of the team developing GermaniumWeb, a 3D visualization software for web browsers. It was then that he rekindled his interest in computer graphics and decided to study 3D modeling part-time at CG Protege Animation School. He then got a job as a Senior VFX artist at Tiny Island Productions, a Singapore animation studio. This job made one of his childhood dreams come true - working on animation. His production credits include Cartoon Network's "Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens" telemovie and the "Dream Defenders" TV series.

Denny finds computer graphics a perfect match of two things he likes a lot: creating pretty pictures and applying computer science. If you ever catch him on the MRT train, you would see him reading a science fiction book waiting to be a major motion picture.

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Charlie Kim

Charlie Kim is a Senior Modeler with Lucasfilm Animation, developing 3d assets for feature animation and live action movie projects, which includes Transformer 4 (2014). Previously, he was a senior character artist with LucasArts Singapore, responsible for building 3d models for main characters and texturing for game assets. He also has vast experience as a concept artist, and has strong illustration and painting skills.

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David Kwok

David Kwok is the CEO of CG Protege Animation School. As Founder and Chairman of The Singapore Animators Connection (SAC) since 1998, David Kwok is a strong advocate for the development of the 3D animation industry in Singapore and is responsible for setting the strategic framework for the association to address the industrial and educational concerns of its 300 members. As one of the early pioneers in the Singapore CGI industry, he has participated in its growth and the evolution of the artistic skills of its members to levels of technical and aesthetic sophistication that meet global industry standards. Over the years, he has led the drive for the association to develop expertise in the areas of production pipeline planning, production skills development, manpower resource development, as well as critical business knowledge required for the development of the CGI industry in Singapore.

Today, he continues to contribute to the industry as a member of the advisory boards and committees for other educational institutions and programs that conduct training for the digital media and animation industry. He has more than 10 years of production management experience, having successfully managed productions of both short and long-form animations for local and international clients. David is also the CEO of Tiny Island Productions, an independent production company that produces quality CG animated productions for the international television and film market. David continues to work in close collaboration with industry players and government authorities to promote the Singapore 3D animation industry.

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Edmund Lee

Edmund is an experienced programmer and trainer. He has 5 years of programming and training experince with companies such as Presence Pictures, PartkWhere (SG) and OCBC. He is currently working in Presence Pictures, a start-up specializing in developing VR content for games, interior visualizations, and exhibitions. He is the lead programmer, building virtual reality ("VR") programmers in Presence Pictures.

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Mervyn Teo graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a BA (Arch) Honors degree before pursuing his passion for art and illustration. He has more than seven years of experience in the industry, both as an artist as well as a lecturer. As a trainer, he has full ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment) accreditation and taught modules for different institutions at a diploma level. Currently, he is working as a 2d Art Lead at Gumi Asia in Singapore, and have since produced much art assets for games such as Brave Frontier.

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Wong Peng Ven

Ven has worked in the industry for more than 12 years. He is currently the Art / Creative Director of Animagine Pte Ltd. Previously he was the Art Director for Scrawl Studios - one of the most reputable animation company in Singapore. Over the years, he has managed teams of artists to work on concept and character design for various animated TV series projects.

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