Mr David Kwok I Chief Executive Officer

David is the CEO of CG Protege Animation School. As Founder and Chairman of The Singapore Animators Connection (SAC) since 1998, David Kwok is a strong advocate for the development of the 3D animation industry in Singapore and is responsible for setting the strategic framework for the association to address the industrial and educational concerns of its 300 members. As one of the early pioneers in the Singapore CGI idustry, he has participated in its growth and the evolution of the artistic skills of its members to levels of technical and aesthetic sophistication that meet global industry standards. Over the years, he has led the drive for the association to develop expertise in the areas of production pipeline planning, production skills development, manpower resource development, as well as critical business knowledge required for the development of the CGI industry in Singapore.

Today, he continues to contribute to the industry as a member of the advisory boards and committees for other educational institutions and programs that conduct training for the digital media and animation industry. He has more than 10 years of production management experience, having successfully managed productions of both short and long-form animations for local and international clients. David is also the CEO of Tiny Island Productions, an independent production company that produces quality CG animated productions for the international television and film market. David continues to work in close collaboration with industry players and government authorities to promote the Singapore 3D animation industry.

2009 to 2013: Member of ITE Design & Media Academic Advisory Committee
2010 to 2012: Member of Republic Polytechnic IDM Academic Advisory Committee Council
2007 : Committee member, Creative Industries Manpower, Skills and Training Council 
2006 : Committee member, IDM Taskforce for Education Manpower
2005 : Committee member, LLEFAC Sub-committee, WDA's LifeLong Learning Endowment Fund Advisory Committee 
2005 : Committee member, WDA Industrial Validation of the National Infocomm Competency Framework, Digital Media Sector


Ms Sharon Tan I Chief Operating Officer 

Sharon is a graduate from Nanyang Technological University's School of Accountancy and Associate member of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants. She has more than a decade of experience across key positions in finance and planning for both public service and private sector organizations. As Chief Operating Officer of CG Protege Animation School,  she is involved in strategic planning and aligning the company's operations and growth plans with financial and regulatory requirements.


Mr Max Leong l Manager, Academic Affairs 

Max holds a Masters in Mass Communications from the Oklahoma City University, with a Bachelor in Accountancy from the Nanyang Technological Institute. He has vast experience in marketing communications and branding particularly in the creative field. Trained in 3D modelling, he joined Tiny Island Productions working on various projects, first as a 3D modeller, later as a production assistant, before joining the CG Protege management team. Max is an accredited trainer and assessor, having attained full ACTA (WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment) qualification.